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So this page is for you to get to know the scary human behind the camera, A.K.A

Carly Wild!

Why is it SO hard to talk about myself? Hahaha 

Ok! *deep breath* here goes:

First Things First

Natural Photography Hampshire

Natural Photography Hampshire

I am certainly qualified to take some awesome shots

I studied at the Art’s Institute in Bournemouth back in my teenage years, working with old film cameras and dark rooms, but that's not everything is it?

It's those beautiful feelings and emotions that a cracking good photo provokes,

I want to show a story,

YOUR story

*a feeling*

I want tears damn it!

and I want big fat ploppy ones! (insert evil cackle ha)

After all, what's a photo if it has no soul?

So I see myself more of a Memory Capturer

(is that a word?) rather than simply a ‘photographer’.

I want your photography to last a lifetime, not just on paper (or on *screen*) but in your hearts too, in the corners of your eyes when you think of a moment captured.

I live for those moments, I hunt them down and shoot them (I hope I’m not painting myself in a crazy light here. I am certainly a little bit crazy, but only in the bestest of ways).

I desperately want to gather up all those lovely, perfect little bits of your wedding day, or of those beautiful moments with your children and freeze them forever so you’ll never forget the beauty and happiness of that moment.

Natural Photography Hampshire
Things I love
Natural Photography Hampshire

The sandier the better, it’s one of my favourite places, alongside beautiful luscious forests filled with wildlife, and flowers and sunlight dashing through the leaves

Natural Photography Hampshire

I love all kinds of animals (when i was little i wanted to be a farmer so i could own ALL the animals haha)

Natural Photography Hampshire

I’m a total chocoholic and I love hanging out with friends and family

​So, the breakdown of 'me' is this

If you’re looking for natural, emotive, full-of-life photography, with a full-of-life bubbly human behind the lens, then give me a shout! I would love to work with you.

​So have a peek at my work and if you love what you see give me a shout,

I would love a chat over tea and biscuits (and cake!)

Natural Photography Hampshire

I am happy to travel anywhere at all

My little Ford is one fine motor, even if I say so myself, and she will happily transport me to your beautiful wedding day, (albeit covered in a fine coat of dust) come rain or shine!

Cake Smash Southampton

"So Welcoming! "

“Carly is absolutely one of the best photographers I’ve ever seen. She’s so welcoming and makes you feel so comfortable and relaxed. Her work is phenomenal. Highly recommend her work to anyone looking for a photographer!!  “

- Georgie
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